Short Movie


After her mother's death, Dream tries to mend her relationship with her sister, but loneliness end up being her only friend. 


Two sisters, Dream (18) and Dear (24), the relationship went downhill after the accidental death of their mother. Dear believes Dream is the cause of their mother’s death. Dear hardly interacts or cares anything about Dream, blinding herself from caring for the one who she loves, while Dream lives in pain and loneliness. No matter how hard Dream tries, she still fails to persuade her sister to forgive and love her. At the darkest moment, Lin (24), is the only person who always lights her up.


Full Moive:

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  • Project Owner Information

    Name : Sitthinun Pasirichusaree (Pooh)

    สิทธินันท์ ภาศิริชูเสรี (ภู)

    Position : Director of Photography

    Email Contact :


    Name : Amita Tsoi (Mita)

    อมิตา ทอย (มิตา)

    Position: Actor

    Email Contact:


    Name : Papitchaya Achavakulthep (Mint)

    ปพิชญา อาชวกุลเทพ (มิ้นท์)

    Position : Director

    Email Contact : 


    Name : Parin Malikhao (Lina)

    ภริณ มะลิขาว  (ลีน่า)

    Position : Producer

    Email :