Awareness articles from different perspectives.


Articles directly focus on people’s opinions and are represented in an argumentative form which will be selected from various social media platforms. The project offers an opportunity to see the differents types of perspectives on each topic to create awareness in Thai society. My articles did not persuade or force people to believe; rather, they simply illustrated people's ideas about each topic, and it was up to the readers to analyze, debate, or make decisions. 


The project have 2 main parts:

Self-Awareness & Opinion Awareness

Self-Awareness focuses on: Personal development such as emotional and mindset. 

Opinion Awareness focuses on: Exchanging Ideas like cause & effects, pros & cons, and suggested solutions.

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  • Project Owner Information

    Name: Suphakorn Praepeerakul (Ice)

    ศุภกร แพร่พีรกุล (ไอซ์)

    Position: Journalistic Content Creator

    Email Contact: Suphakorn268@gmail.com