Be me

Be me

Short Movie


Some words, expectation, thoughts always affect someone. Although life doesn't go your way, you can define what you want to be by accepting who you are.


Paakka (ปากกา) has been bullied since she was a child by her parents and friends. She does not meet society's beauty standards. She is just an ordinary girl who dreams to become a singer. However, because she is fat and tan-skinned, she is unlikely to follow her dream and become what she wants. 


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  • Project Owner Information

    Name: Warangkana Rattannasombat (Eye)

    วรางคณา รัตนสมบัติ

    Position: Director

    Email Contact:


    Name : Katenapa Swaengsak (Kate)

    เกศนภา แสวงศักดิ์ (เกด)

    Position : Producer

    Email Contact :