Short Movie


The leftover memories from the past makes Kong realise whom he became.


Kong, an extremely ordinary man, has the only goal in his life --- to live day by day. His meaning of life has changed once he meets Jeen, a woman who gives meaning and value to everything in his life. As Kong observes Jeen, he falls in love with her because Jeen has something that he missed. And now, the meaning of Kong life is Jeen. But this relationship is not like what he had imagined. The only thing that’s left is the mindset that Kong has changed during dating Jeen.


Full Movie: https://youtu.be/VVP7AR4nngE

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  • Project Owner Information

    Name: Ploynapat Rooprakaiaksorn (Dream)

    พลอยนภัส หรูประกายอักษร (ดรีม)

    Position: Producer

    Email Contact : dreamploynapat@gmail.com


    Name: Kantanat Asavasrivorakul (Hut)

    กันตณัฐ อัศวศรีวรกุล (ฮัท)

    Position: Director

    Email Contact : kantanat_hut@gmail.com 


    Name: Theme Chutimant (Theme)

    ธีม ชุติมันต์ (ธีม)

    Position : DOP 

    Email Contact : Theme2140@gmail.com