Among Us

Among Us

Short Movie


A driver picks up four hitchhikers on his trip to the north without knowing that things are about to get ugly when there could be a criminal among them.


The story begins as TOM picks up four hitchhikers on his way to Chiang Rai. In a car full of strangers, the atmosphere is extremely awkward. When a loud noise is heard from in front of the car. TOM pulls over to investigate. The rest of them learn from a news report on the radio about a man who had committed a violent crime at a convenience store, which happened to be located on the route that this car had taken. Silence takes place as the passengers suspect that the criminal might be hiding among them. With this information, will the passengers be able to be calm until they reach their destination? Or will suspicion and selfishness kill humanity?


Full Movie:

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  • Project Owner Information

    Name: Potsawat Chansombun (Fronk)

    พศวัต จันทร์สมบุญ (ฟร้อง)

    Position: DOP



    Name: Nanmanat Sethakunwichai (Enjoy)

    นันท์มนัส เศรษฐกูลวิชัย (เอนจอย)

    Position: Producer



    Name: Nisachon Kikhoontod (May)

    นิศาชล กิขุนทด (เมย์)

    Position: Screenwriter and Director