Beach Heaven

Beach Heaven

A man who can achieve immortality in virtual reality wants to teach humanity to an AI.


Metha is a man who has a suffering life. He is paralyzed in the lower half of his body, lives in a polluted environment, and has lost his entire family. He finally found happiness after he created "Beach Heaven," a virtual reality. He can enjoy the environment here, move freely, and has an AI named Warissara as his friend. However, he soon realizes that he is going to die due to his body's condition. He does not want to lose this happiness to death. Therefore, he finds a way to import his consciousness into Beach Heaven. Before that, he wants to teach humanity to Warissara, so he will not be alone forever.


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    Name: Narat Kongmuanpech (Petch)

    ณรัตน์ คงเหมือนเพชร (เพชร)

    Position: Director & Screenwriter

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