Short Movie


A group of students gathered together to find a way to file a charge against the criminal.


WIN, a sophomore student, whose identification card had been used to impersonate him on a social media platform, decided to file a complaint at the police station with the help of his friend, BOSS. However, the police didn’t accept their complaint. They needed to find a new way to file the complaint with more help from his classmates, FAH. As they started to investigate deeper into the case, they somehow discovered another horrifying truth.


Full Movie:

  • Project Owner Information

    Name: Tharadol Phanichekphaibool (Teen)

    ธราดล พาณิชย์เอกไพบูลย์ (ทีน)

    Position: Editor

    Email Contact:


    Name: Parnnichar Phothitantimongkon (Kaimook)

    ปารย์ณิชา โพธิตันติมงคล (ไข่มุก)

    Position: Producer

    Email Contact : 


    Name: Onnicha Apivisankij (On)

    Position: Director, Screenwriter (ออน)

    Email Contact:


    Name : Napat Likitawong (Om)

    ณภัทร ลิขิตวงศ์ (ออม)

    Position : Director of Photography

    Email Contact :