Long Lost

Long Lost

Short Movie


Back to the moment we want to fix.


Tawan is a freelancer who wants to relieve himself from the chaos. He met his long-lost friend on the train along the way to his mom's home. They both had a conflict in the past. They keep updating their life, and clear their feelings in the past. Tawan and Chanon spend their free time together at his home. The good vibe takes them back to those old days.


Full Movie: https://youtu.be/AN2Q9_1nKhM

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  • Project Owner Information

    Name - Apissada Techachawengkul (Mimi)

    อภิษฎา เตชะเชวงกุล (มีมี่)

    Position - Director 

    Email Contact - mimi.apissada@gmail.com