Esports Documentary

Esports Documentary

Behind all the success, strong reputation, and huge income, there was sacrifice.


The Esports Documentary is a documentary that digs deep into the reality of the Esports industry. It explores both positive and negative outcomes, and the impacts of gaming. Esports has been responsible for economic growths on a global scale. Now buckle up for an Esports roller coaster, and ride along with our Esports pro-players. But, remember, not everything comes at an easy cost.

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  • Project Owner Information

    Name: Sirithorn Prukaroon (Viva)

    สิรีธร พฤกษอรุณ (วีว่า)

    Position: Director 

    Email Contact:


    Name: Marisa Jolliffe (Marisa)

    มาริสา จอลลิฟฟ์ (มาริสา)

    Position: Producer 

    Email Contact:


    Name: Pichya Benyabadhana Na Ayudhya (Peachy)

    พิชญา เพ็ญพัฒน์ ณ อยุธยา (พีชชี่)

    Position: Cinematographer 

    Email Contact: