Mask On 19

Mask On 19

Wearing is caring.


A brand that sells masks while also creating content about Covid-19 in order to raise awareness and give knowledge to society. All profits from selling products will be used to help and support unprivileged people and health organisations as a donation.

  • Project Owner Information

    Name: Pongsakorn Jenwantanakul (Ik)

    พงศกร เจนวรรธนะกุล (อิก)

    Position: Facebook journalistic content creator 



    Name: Pattcharapong Bunmeebawonnon (Visa)

    พัชรพงศ์ บุญมีบวรนนท์ (วีซ่า)

    Position: Marketing strategy



    Name:Nattanicha Aiabsakul(Mena)

    ณัฎฐณิชา เอียบสกุล (มีน่า)

    Position: Content creator