Take Sum Time

Take Sum Time

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“ Stress, Loneliness, Depression, ” I believe that all of us have experienced them before, or even right now. We certainly could overcome these feelings, but not everyone could cope with them. That is why the topic of mental issues has been brought up, especially with the current situation we are living with, Covid 19. The goal of this project is to help people understand more about mental health issues, which we can all relate to, and to encourage them to reflect on and pay more attention to themselves. I am here to raise awareness and assist those who are suffering from it, including friends, family, and, of course, ourselves. 

According to the pandemic, people were asked to work and study from home. So most of their time would be spent at home, to lower the chance of infection. Therefore, this project came up with the idea of giving easy tasks for everyone to do at home. I want to encourage and help everyone to overcome negative thoughts and emotions, by making time at home valuable. Take sum+ time for yourself :)

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  • Project Owner Information

    Name : Pakjira Sakdarat (My)

    ภัคจิรา ศักดารัตน์ (มาย)

    Position : Journalistic Content Creator  

    Email Contact : pakjirapaks@gmail.com