The Boogeyman

The Boogeyman

Animated mini-series


When your storybook monsters are real.


An animated mini-series that highlights Thailand’s most unsettling cases. This series is a way to reflect on societal issues through a new medium that can open up conversations.


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  • Project Owner Information

    Name: Pul Parmar (Pul)

    Position: Screenwriter and voice-actor 



    Name: Prim Poungpet (Prim) 

    พริม พวงเพ็ชร์ (พริม)

    Position: DOP and editor 

    Email Contact :  


    Name: Chalisa Trakarnkitvichit (Rin)

    ชาลิสา ตระการกิจวิชิต (ริน)

    Position: Director and producer

    Email: /