Will you date the real me?

Will you date the real me?

Short Movie


A man embarking on a quest for true love ends up falling head over heels with a transgender woman with a true-sexual-identity concealment.


Max, a new graduate, gets his first freelancing project with Maprang, a project marketer. Although the couple can find a way to build a deep and long-term relationship, Max doesn’t even know that Maprang is a transgender. 


Full Movie: https://youtu.be/AfJRJgbRIDY

  • Project Owner Information

    Name : Phupa Emwattana (Tone)

    ภูผา เอมวัฒนา (โตน)

    Position : Director of Photography

    Email Contact : stonekun1998@gmail.com 


    Name : Sawit Ampornvisaroot  (Safe)

    สวิตต์ อัมพรวิศรุต (เซฟ)

    Position : Digital Marketing

    Email Contact : Ampornvisaroot@gmail.com


    Name: Wana Chutima (Mickey)

    วนา ชุติมา (มิกกี้)

    Position: Director

    Email Contact : mickey.chutima@gmail.com


    Name : Poneak Taveekitvatee (Active)

    ภณเอก ทวีกิจวาที (แอ็คทีพ)

    Position : Producer

    Email contact : imactive.1403@gmail.com